A little info for my cursus.From 2016,I made my debut in professional wedding photography as an assistant photographer and from 2017 till now as 1st/principal photographer I covered more than 100 weddings/baptism,pre-weddings,next-days everywhere in Greece including islands,been part of a great team,a well-known wedding company in Greece.Part of my job is also the back-office work such as image editing,retouche,digital album creation.
From this I collected many memories and experience always looking at the different and unique moment and real feeling from this day.

Sport events/fashion/seminar coverage
From the beginning of my photography studies, back there in 2014-2016 I began to receive and accept photography tasks for event coverages.I've covered until 2020 a lot of seminars, food seminars, fashion shows, sport and other events, various exhibitions for AMC (Metropolitan College) and IEK Akmi events.
Then I did coverages for third parties, including MEC bridal fashion show,Texan company inauguration,Athens authentic Marathon twice, graduation ceremony for AMC,twice and various tasks with special requirements.
Till 2019 I also did various business photoshootings,office interior photography, artist portfolio's, business portraits.
Listed below in brief,with a very small selection of images.

•Texan inauguration,Athens 2019
•Expotrof food exhibition 2019
•Gastronomos magazine event,Theatre of Peiraeus 2019
•AMC graduation ceremony 2018,2019
SEGAS sport event 2019
•Dance contest child and adult,2018 Athens
AMC and Akmi various seminars 2015-2019
Refugees camp Korwpi,Greece 2018
MEC bridal expo 2018
+ Backstage
Some images
From AMC College graduation ceremony
2018,Megaro Mousikis,Athens
Evomed workshop,Athens 2018
AKMI School fashion show 2017
OSFP basketball team opening day photo shooting as assistant photographer 2016
Legion run Anavysos,Greece 2016
Athens authentic Marathon 2016

•Wrestling competition,Tae kwon do stadium,Faliro,2016
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